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Nettled by nettles


RHS members are getting into a right old hue and cry over the perceived benefits of weeds in their well-tended plots (Mail).

is it any wonder the new line of accommodat­ing plants that were once deemed out of place coincides with the reign of new president Keith Weed?

As for nettles, the reputation­al value of which has recently soared, as a child my mission was to topple as many of these unwanted stingers as i could, using a stick of a suitably safe length.

Since then has come repentance as i’ve learned of the benefits nettles bring to the garden and wildlife.

As for deliberate­ly growing them, this is no easy task. They tend to pitch up, seemingly overnight, in inconvenie­nt locations.

Every effort i’ve made at transplant­ing them and enhancing their existence results in quick death, alas.

Oh, the irony. T. J. HICKMAN, Southampto­n.

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