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Workers to strike after GKN plans to shut site


WoRKERS at GKn’s last remaining British car parts factory have announced all-out strikes in protest against the Birmingham site’s closure.

The engineer, which was bought by corporate raider Melrose in 2018, claims the Erdington plant is lossmaking and shedding business due to the switch towards electric vehicles.

The factory is due to close in 2022, threatenin­g more than 500 jobs, with its work likely to be sent offshore to Poland or France.

But critics including West Midlands mayor Andy Street say the move flies in the face of Melrose’s stated aim to make GKn a ‘UK manufactur­ing powerhouse’ and have urged the firm to reconsider.

Unite, the union that represents workers, said staff were planning to go on continuous strikes from September 27.

The disruption will affect customers including Jaguar Land Rover, nissan and Toyota, which use components from the plant.

Sharon Graham, Unite’s general secretary, said: ‘GKn’s cynical attempt to close its plant is a disgrace. We will not stand by and let this employer offshore British jobs without a fight.’

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