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Passports ‘at week’s notice’


VACCINE passports could be made compulsory for venues including nightclubs at just a week’s notice this winter, the Government has warned.

Ministers yesterday shelved plans for mandatory certificat­ion in England by the end of this month, but said they may still be needed if the NHS comes under strain.

Under a ‘Plan B’, people would need to prove they are double-jabbed to get into nightclubs, indoor venues with more than 500 attendees such as concerts, outdoor venues with more than 4,000 attendees such as festivals and any venues with more than 10,000 attendees such as sports events.

Unlike at present, a negative test would not be able to be used as an alternativ­e. Places of worship, wedding ceremonies, funerals, Remembranc­e Sunday events, protests and mass participat­ion sporting events such as the London marathon would be exempt.

The Government also warned it could not rule out expanding the list of venues that could be required to demand vaccine passports.

Boris Johnson insisted he did not want this to include pubs, yet stopped short of ruling out forcing landlords to use them.

Kate Nicholls, of trade associatio­n UKHospital­ity, said: ‘The use of vaccine passports, logistical­ly unworkable and with questionab­le effectiven­ess, will have a devastatin­g effect on nightclubs and large-scale events.’

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