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Keep your side of the Covid bargain, PM


SO much for the glorious promise that Britain’s road to normality would be ‘irreversib­le’. Flanked by his two scientific sidekicks, Boris Johnson yesterday softened up the nation for liberty-limiting Covid restrictio­ns this winter.

Of course, he fervently hopes he won’t have to dip into his toolbox of curbs. But we’ve heard that before. Compulsory face masks, vaccine passports and work from home orders – and even another gruelling lockdown – are back on the cards.

We recognise that the Prime Minister is terrified of a devastatin­g, NHS-threatenin­g virus surge in the winter.

But the vaccines, meant to steer us out of this nightmare, are performing miracles. And booster shots for the most vulnerable will strengthen Britain’s wall of protection against the disease.

Hospitalis­ations and deaths (a fraction of last winter’s peak) are now mostly among the unjabbed. Is it really right to impose punishing, costly restrictio­ns that dramatical­ly affect the lives of the entire country to protect refuseniks?

Any clampdown risks sending the economy into a fatal tailspin – just as it rebounds from the shutters coming down before.

Jabs, we were told, were the key to freedom. By uncomplain­ingly enduring lockdown, we kept our side of the deal. Mr Johnson must not renege on his.

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