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Apple race to beat spy hack threat to iPhones

- By Jim Norton Technology Correspond­ent

APPLE has rushed out a security update for iPhones after experts discovered a new insidious way hackers could crack them.

The flaw was uncovered after the phone of a Saudi activist was analysed. It is believed to be among tens of thousands infected by Pegasus – a highly sophistica­ted spyware devised by an Israeli surveillan­ce firm.

Once installed it can be used to read someone’s messages, look at their photos, track their movements and even turn on their camera – all without the victim knowing.

The hack – in which users aren’t required to click on anything to become infected – was discovered by the University of Toronto and is believed to be the world’s first ‘zero click hack’. Most spyware generally requires the target to click on a booby-trapped link or file.

Apple’s iPhones, Mac computers and Apple Watches all got the update. Apple’s head of security engineerin­g, Ivan Krstic, said the vulnerabil­ity was ‘not a threat’ to the vast majority.

Last night the firm also announced its new phone – the iPhone 13 – with the top-end model starting at £795.

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