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We don’t just walk our dogs – WE WEAR THEM TOO!

Is it Fursace? Is it Poochi? Meet the pet owners who send their dogs’ clippings to be spun and woven into canine couture


Can you get any closer to your beloved fourlegged best friend? One woman has found a wonderfull­y creative way to do so. now you and Fido can both go for a dog walk wearing the same coat — his!

Jane Crewe, 56, a mother of four from Edinburgh, started knitting using hair from her giant, fluffy Samoyed dogs two years ago.

as well as making hats, gloves and scarves for herself from her own pets, seven-year-old Samoyed sisters Phaedra and artemis, she also uses her spinning wheel to make thread for free for friends who send her their dogs’ hair.

Jane, who has been knitting more convention­ally using sheep’s wool since she was five, says: ‘northern breeds of dogs like Samoyeds have a double-layered coat and the undercoat is very soft and insulates their skin in extreme cold. They blow — or shed — the undercoat every year and that’s the best for spinning.’

The craft of spinning wool from dogs’ hair is called chiengora. The word comes from chien, the French for dog, and angora, the soft fur of a breed of rabbit. It dates back as far as prehistori­c Scandinavi­a.

It might all sound a bit barking but, as the four women featured here show, making woofy jumpers is the height of fashion.

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