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Now they will be with me for ever


THREE different dogs produced the hair which went into making former civil servant Betty Corrigan’s treasured cardigan.

Her first Samoyed, Kaza, died aged 13, followed later by Rory, another Samoyed, at the same age. Now she has only eight-year-old Niko (above with Betty), also of the same breed.

‘Kaza was very special to me because he was my first. I kept some of his fur because I just wanted to know that I had something of him still and kept it in a big bag for about five years,’ says Betty, 65, who lives with husband Alex, a retired ambulance worker, near Falkirk in Scotland. ‘I found out about knitting with dog hair from a Samoyed website. I sent some of all three of their hair off to a lady who spun it and sent it back, then I knitted the cardigan myself. It cost about £100 to get it spun.

‘I’m wearing my dogs. It’s something that will be with me for ever.’

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