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Revenge of carp killer millionair­e

Ex-wife ‘feared for life’ after drink-fuelled break-in

- By Alex Ward

A MILLIoNAIr­e businessma­n has been jailed after he cut the power to his estranged wife’s garden pond, killing her prized carp.

Anthony haines, 51, broke into Jane haines’s home, breaching a restrainin­g order. he shut off the electricit­y supply, causing fish worth £10,000 in her garden pond to die.

haines was a successful self-made businessma­n running a property and recycling company, Newport Crown Court heard.

The former couple, who are divorcing, had been married for 32 years.

haines was previously jailed for 16 months in 2019 after breaching a restrainin­g order and threatenin­g Mrs haines, 52, and her new boyfriend with a large kitchen knife. In June, CCTV at the property captured haines going into the house where she was living.

prosecutor Laurence Jones told the court: ‘once inside, haines turned off electricit­y which disabled the camera.

‘Cutting the power supply also led to fish being killed in the garden pond as well as in a tank inside the property.

‘he went upstairs to their bedroom and took out a number of objects from a bedside table and placed them deliberate­ly on the bed.

‘he slashed a canvas photograph of the couple across the face area. A knife had been stabbed into a chopping board and kitchen cupboard.

Mrs haines suspected her husband immediatel­y. She said he was jealous that she was happy and had moved on with her life.’

In a victim personal statement read to the court, Mr Jones said: ‘Since they split up, she said her husband has been making her life hell. Being threatened makes her fearful for her life and she believes he has the capacity to harm her. She said her anxiety has gone through the roof. once the divorce is finalised, she will put the house on the market and leave the area.’

haines, of pontymiste­r, South Wales, admitted burglary with intent and criminal damage yesterday.

Marian Lewis, representi­ng haines, said he ‘bitterly regrets what he did’. ‘The incident was fuelled by alcohol,’ she added. ‘he had made a massive, massive mistake.’

Miss Lewis said his daughter had written a reference to say he was a ‘loving father and grandfathe­r’. haines had built up a successful business and provided his family with a ‘high standard of living’.

But recorder Duncan Bould said: ‘Your wife says in her victim personal statement that in the last two-and-a-half years you have made her life hell.

‘You’ve not only threatened her but you’ve defiled her home, ransacked her home and been abusive to her. You deliberate­ly wanted to send out a message of aggression.’

haines was jailed for 16 months and made the subject of a ten-year restrainin­g order.

‘You have defiled her home’

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Jealous: Anthony Haines and estranged wife Jane
Jealous: Anthony Haines and estranged wife Jane
 ??  ?? Prized fish: Mrs Haines’s carp died
Prized fish: Mrs Haines’s carp died

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