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Banks accused of abandoning scam victims

- By Sean Poulter Consumer Affairs Editor

FRAUD victims are being abandoned by banks and treated appallingl­y when they try to get their money back, a consumer watchdog has found.

The cost of scams in which victims were tricked into transferri­ng money to a fraudster soared to £479million in 2020.

But Which? said reimbursem­ent rates remained shockingly low – with banks finding victims at least partly responsibl­e for their losses in 77 per cent of cases.

However data from the Financial Ombudsman Service suggested banks were getting many of these decisions wrong – with 73 per cent of complaints by consumers being upheld in 2020-21.

Which? highlighte­d the case of a woman aged 60 who was initially denied reimbursem­ent for £64,000 after a fraudster texted her claiming to be from her bank. Which? Money editor Jenny Ross said: ‘It is unacceptab­le for so many to be abandoned when they turn to their bank to try and get their money back.’

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