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It’s worth £90 to escape flat


MAGAZINE writer Emily Webber pays about £90 a month out of her own pocket for a co-working space after her employer unexpected­ly shut her office.

The 24-year-old, from West London, pays for membership of the Allbright Women’s Network in the capital, which gives her access to a workplace and regular events.

She credits the network with helping to remotivate her after she struggled to adjust to working from the bedroom in her flat.

‘An office is one of those things you don’t appreciate until it’s gone,’ says Emily (left). ‘I missed being around others at work, hearing them on the phone and getting to know new people.

‘It gives me the motivation to get properly dressed and made-up and leave the house for the day.’

Emily started a new job during lockdown and had expected to begin working in the office once restrictio­ns eased. But earlier this year her employer informed staff the office was shutting.

She says: ‘Working from home suits some people, especially parents, but I prefer a distinctio­n between work and home. Two years ago, the thought of paying for office space would have felt ridiculous. But it feels worthwhile to me now.’

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