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ARGOS is refusing to refund me for an uncomforta­ble office chair simply because I unpacked it. How are you supposed to know if it will be suitable if you can’t try it out first?

C. C., Fareham.

The retailer has contacted you to apologise and promised to reinstate the £60 worth of Nectar points that you used when you returned the chair. in circumstan­ces like this it says that staff should use discretion – which did not happen.

I HAD a very traumatic experience at

Butlin’s, Minehead, in June when I got stuck on a waterslide.

But I had no problems when I visited the same holiday resort 35 years ago and was given a mat for the slide. Butlin’s has not admitted fault.

R. W., Solihull.

BUTLIN’s apologised and says mats are not required on this slide, as per the manufactur­er’s recommenda­tions. More than 2,000 swimmers enjoyed the pool on the day you got stuck and Butlin’s says there were no other issues reported.

MY DAUGHTER twice ordered a takeaway through Uber Eats after the first was cancelled. It turned out that the kitchen was closed but two payments of £44.80 were still taken. One amount was refunded but then taken again when she booked an Uber taxi.

J. M., via email.

UBER eats has apologised for your daughter’s poor experience and has now refunded the charges. it says it will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

NEO ENERGY took almost £209 from my account and the same amount in July. This is despite it stating that my monthly cost would be around £87.

R. W., Norwich.

NEO ENERGY says an incorrect direct debit was set up which has now been deleted. it has refunded you £155.44 plus a credit note of £40 as goodwill.

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