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GEOFF NORCOTT (pictured) is that rare beast — a right-wing stand-up comedian. Covid, lockdowns and the past turbulent months have caused him to think long and hard about his political stance. In GEOFF NORCOTT: IT’S OK TO CHANGE YOUR MIND (RADIO 4, 11.30AM), he shares his thoughts on supporting the Conservati­ves in a world turned upside down. Find out this morning if Geoff has taken a turn for the left.

CARRIE (Sarah Ridgeway) works in an ambulance control centre. The work is stressful, with Carrie having to make lifeor-death decisions that are often based on incoherent calls from frightened people in a state of panic. The two-part drama LIFE LINES (RADIO 4, 2.15PM), by Al Smith, finds Carrie in a horrible situation.

Her judgment is called into question after a patient dies, and she gets caught up in a crisis where her personal and her profession­al lives collide.

LILLIAN GILBRETH, who died in 1972, was an engineer described as ‘a genius on the art of living’. Working with her husband, she designed labour-saving machinery for factories — and, because she had 12 children and hated housework, transforme­d kitchen equipment and layout. The pedal bin is just one of her inventions. Tom McCarthy tells Lillian’s story tonight in FREE THINKING

(RADIO 3, 10PM).

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