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Freddie’s football shirt? No sweat!


MY YOUNGEST daughter really liked Freddie ljungberg when he was playing for Arsenal. I thought a replica shirt with his name on the back would be a nice present for her. By coincidenc­e, I was sitting in the Jacuzzi at my fitness club when two men started talking about Arsenal. My ears pricked up when one mentioned football shirts. I apologised for butting in and asked if they were involved in selling shirts. One told me he could get hold of Arsenal kit, so I asked if he could get me a Freddie ljungberg shirt. He said he couldn’t guarantee a specific player’s name and had to take pot luck. Seeing my confused expression, he reassured me everything was above board and his supplier was a close friend. I asked: ‘But are they proper replica shirts?’ He replied: ‘No, they’re not replicas. They are actual shirts that have been worn by the players in matches. They still have the players’ sweat on them! All genuine.’ I decided a new, unworn replica Freddie ljungberg shirt, minus sweat, would be more desirable! Don Townshend, Chelmsford, Essex.

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