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Perfect role model


WHAT a role model for teenagers! Emma Raducanu’s work ethic is admirable and her desire to succeed is rare in our mollycoddl­ed ‘I want it all’ younger generation, whose main ambition appears to be to appear on a tawdry TV reality programme.

In life you get out what you put in, so I appeal to other youngsters to raise their sights.

PENNY HARRIES, Newton Abbot, Devon. TWO contrastin­g attitudes of youth. The beaming smile of articulate, polite Emma Raducanu, whose success has come from talent, attitude and hard work. Compare this with Strictly contestant Tilly Ramsay, who has little discernibl­e talent, but seems to think she deserves attention because her father is a celebrity. PAUL CHARLES COOK, Huddersfie­ld, W. Yorks.

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