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Today’s poem


Please don’t take my

cash away I need it in my purse, To take it away and just

have cards Will feel like I’ve

been cursed. What would I do when

grandchild­ren call And I reach for my

trusted stash? Pound coins that I have

been saving. See, I really do need cash. I need it for my papers That I like to read each day, Friends will pay

the newsagent ‘But we can’t take your

cards,’ they say. So please do tell me what

to do When my gardener comes

each week, Please tell me how I pay him. My future’s looking bleak. For I love my money boxes. I fill them to the brim, I can use this money for

many tips, Without would be a sin. So please don’t take my

cash away, Let me keep it in my purse, For I wouldn’t like

the feeling Of little old me being cursed.

A. R. Hopkins, Beltinge, Kent.

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