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Irrepressi­ble Boris


JOHN HUMPHRYS made a number of interestin­g points (Mail) on the unbelievab­le phenomenon that is Boris Johnson’s premiershi­p.

The Prime Minister has been cut so much slack that any disingenuo­us or misleading statements get lost in his over-arching delivery: ‘Don’t worry, trust me it will be all right on the night, the day or the next year, whatever!’

I find myself becoming increasing­ly incensed when other people shrug their shoulders with a ‘well, what can you do?’ attitude.

But it does pay to be philosophi­cal and, for the state of your blood pressure, to go with the flow.

However, Mr Johnson’s ambition to reign ad infinitum is stretching the limits of our incredulou­sness.

Hopefully, his party and the public will tell him when to go when that time arrives.

JUDITH A. DANIELS, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. BORIS undoubtedl­y has his faults, but many still envy his appeal. I believe he is basically fair-minded and genuine in his wish to level up.

The pandemic and his desire to get things done have caused him to break pledges and take unpopular decisions.

His popularity has largely remained thanks in part to the ineptitude of the Opposition. Attempts to discredit Boris are unfair. CHRISTOPHE­R BEAN,

Warrington, Cheshire.

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