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Is it a good idea to drop vaccine passports?


HOME Secretary Sajid Javid has missed a brilliant opportunit­y to persuade the younger generation to get jabbed. After vaccine passports were introduced in France, more than a million youngsters decided to have the jab so they could go to nightclubs and indoor events. Covid is being spread by nonvaccina­ted people, so this is a missed opportunit­y.

JUNE KARTRIEBER, Cheam, Surrey. VACCINE passports would have meant millions were barred from large indoor events. Not just the young, but people of all ages. The introducti­on of vaccine passports would have encouraged criminal behaviour with faked passports and illegal raves causing problems for the over-stretched police.

N. FERGUSON, Egremont, Cumbria. PLANNED vaccine passports have been dropped to placate Tory MPs, apparently without any regard for public health. How many public places — hospitalit­y, entertainm­ent, leisure, retail, workplaces and sporting venues — have been inspected and certified as Covid safe?

ROBIN ALLAN, Street, Somerset.

I CAN’T see what would have been ‘pointless, damaging and discrimina­tory’ about vaccine passports, as claimed by Mark Harper, chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs. On the contrary, attendance of indoor events might have increased as they would have provided a safer environmen­t. They would also have encouraged people to get vaccinated, which is surely in all our interests. Downloadin­g another app would have been second nature to a generation who go around clutching their smartphone­s. MARK ILES, Newark, Notts.

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