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Furniture firm is expecting more supply chain pain


THE boss of furniture company Made expects problems with global supply chains to continue into 2022.

Philippe Chainieux said that the company, which listed on the London Stock Exchange this year, is still seeing strong demand.

But it faces troubles with getting enough supplies. ‘We are well positioned to navigate the industry-wide global supply chain disruption, which is expected to continue into the first half of next year,’ Chainieux said.

It expects issues will continue to result in longer shipping times, pressures on what products it has available, and higher shipping costs.

Made starts to market its products long before they reach its warehouses.

Shoppers can place orders when products are being manufactur­ed and shipped. Normally this is up to 12 weeks before delivery to customers. But recent disruption has pushed this up to 18 weeks.

In the six months to June 30 sales grew 54pc compared to the same period a year earlier. The pre-tax loss shrank by a third to £10.1m on revenue of £171m, up 61pc.

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