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1 To seek out and expose scandal concerning public figures (8) 5 Primal ____, Scottish alternativ­e rock band formed in 1982 whose lead vocalist is Bobby Gillespie (6) 10 Extremely large statues (7) 11 Industrial town and cargo port in Cheshire (7) 12 An improvised or unplanned comment (2,3) 13 Brave or daring (9) 14 Designatio­n for Wales created in 1216 at the Council of Aberdyfi (12) 18 John ____, Conservati­ve ex-Environmen­t Secretary who chairs the UK Independen­t Committee on Climate Change (6,6) 21 A piece of hospital equipment that helps weak or small babies to survive (9) 23 A strong, pleasant smell (5) 24 The duration of a particular item or programme on radio or TV (7) 25 Having a wavelike motion or form (7) 26 ____ merchant, one who deals in wood for use as a building material (6) 27 A colourless, odourless gas whose name derives from the Greek for ‘water forming’ (8)


1 Fulton ____, Scottish actor who played the main prison officer in the TV sitcom Porridge (6) 2 In a quiet or composed way (6) 3 A bramble fruit of the genus Rubus, often used in jams and jellies (9) 4 British actress who played Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series (5,9) 6 ___ section, curve made by intersecti­on of a round-based solid figure by a plane (5) 7 Concerned with preserving the environmen­t (8) 8 Visual memory or imaginatio­n (5,3) 9 Lead singer of Queen played by Rami Malek in the 2018 biopic fim Bohemian Rhapsody (7,7) 15 ____ the Great, king of ancient Macedonia who overthrew the Persian empire (9) 16 One with a desire to achieve a particular job or title (8) 17 An implement for plucking a string on a guitar (8) 19 A sharp bend in a road or path (6) 20 One who gives financial support to a person, organisati­on or cause (6) 22 ____ Wars, 2009 romantic black comedy film starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson (5)


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