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Heard the one about comics at war over gag ‘theft’?

- By Az Munrallee

IT might not sound like a side-splitter. But a joke likening a smart fridge to a nagging wife could soon be at the centre of a landmark legal battle.

Stand-up comedian Kae Kurd has reportedly begun libel proceeding­s against another comic, Darius Davies, who claims he plagiarise­d his routine. When Mr Kurd performed on Jonathan Ross’s Comedy Club on ITV last September, Mr Davies claimed he recognised some of the jokes as his own. In a gag likening smart fridges to a nagging partner, Mr Kurd says: ‘I’m not married for a reason. I don’t want to be out with the lads, suddenly I get a message, and my friends are like “is that the fridge again?”’ In Mr Davies’ joke, he says: ‘I’ve got a girlfriend, I’ve got a wife, I don’t need no needy fridge texting me!’

Mr Davies posted a video of their material edited together. Now Mr Kurd has launched a libel claim at the High Court, according to The Guardian, and has hired the Royal family’s lawyers Harbottle & Lewis. It is thought to be the first court case of its kind in the UK.

Mr Davies, who is trying to raise funds to fight the case, said: ‘Ultimately comedy disputes should be settled in a green room... over a pint not a court room.’

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