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Green jobs dividend


REMEMBER those apocalypti­c forecasts that Brexit would lead to an exodus of multi-nationals from these shores? Or that levelling up was just an empty slogan?

Two announceme­nts yesterday gave the lie to both those shibboleth­s. Nissan is building its new £13billion electric car plant in Sunderland and BP is to create a vast green hydrogen facility on Teesside.

These companies could have chosen anywhere to locate their cutting-edge clean energy initiative­s. That they chose the UK is a huge vote of confidence in this country’s workforce and our economic future.

That they chose the industrial North East shows that levelling up can be more than a pipe dream.

One a car manufactur­er and the other an oil producer, both firms are accused of contributi­ng to the climate change problem. It is fitting that they should now be part of its solution.

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