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More misery for students as lecturers strike


STUDENTS will be plunged into misery today as lecturers launch a three-day strike prompted by hard-Left factions in their union.

Classes are set to be cancelled and services disrupted as staff ditch teaching to stand on picket lines across 58 campuses. Universiti­es branded the walk-outs ‘disappoint­ing’ after students already suffered months of remote learning during the pandemic.

The University and College Union (UCU) organised the strike over pay and a change to the lecturers’ pensions scheme. Negotiatio­ns broke down after a refusal to compromise by the ‘UCU Left’ faction – which is affiliated with the Socialist Workers Party.

Last night, Universiti­es UK – which represents vice chancellor­s – said the pension demands were ‘unrealisti­c’, could lead to ‘insolvency’ and added the UCU campaign ‘is nothing more than a smokescree­n for their ideologica­lly entrenched opposition to corporate finance’.

UCU general secretary Jo Grady said: ‘Staff are asking for the bare minimum… but sadly, the only time vice chancellor­s seem to listen is when staff take action.’

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