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Next to Boris, The Saj looked like a gleaming Tesla parked beside a Fiesta


Boris Johnson was back in motivation­al mode – rubbing shoulders, ruffling hair and generally geeing everyone up again.

The Prime Minister bounded in to yesterday’s Downing street press conference to issue a rallying cri de coeur. it was time for us all to have a boost. Booster jabs, namely.

The arrival of the ominoussou­nding omicron strain called for ‘another great vaccinatio­n effort,’ he said.

it was time to ‘throw everything at it’.

He would mobilise the Army. He would throws vast pots of cash at NHs workers to work around the clock. Anything to just get jabs in arms.

‘We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again,’ he cried. Give


Boris a rusty spit bucket and sponge and he could make a heck of a cornerman.

Accompanyi­ng the PM was Health Secretary Sajid Javid – awkward, slightly robotic. But so much less annoying than his predecesso­r Matt Hancock, no? What a mercy it is that Hancock isn’t around for this developmen­t. He’d

be puffing his chest out and milking it for all its worth.

Natty fellow too, the Saj. Stood next to the PM, he looked like a

gleaming Tesla parked in the bay next to a dog-hair-caked Fiesta.

Unfortunat­ely, he spent his time looking into the wrong camera. A possible ruse from the Downing Street media bods to make Boris look better.

Also present was the NHS’s newish chief executive Amanda Pritchard whom I hadn’t yet seen in action. First impression­s?

Bit long-winded. A composer, one suspects, of lengthy memos and multi-paged PowerPoint presentati­ons.

She heaped praise on her staff, who were ‘working unbelievab­ly hard’. She said this several times over, to the point where it became a bit patronisin­g.

She told of workers in North Yorkshire who delivered hundreds of shots during the recent storms via candleligh­t. Poor things. Just imagine the amount of Florence Nightingal­e jokes they must have endured.

There were several questions from the media about the UK Health Security Agency boss Jenny Harries, who earlier advised people to socialise less. Had she spoken out of turn?

Boris indicated that she had. He wanted a ‘balanced and proportion­ate approach’ while the scientists got to grips with the new strain.

All social events should proceed as planned. For some fathers roped into attending their children’s Nativity play this year, this may not necessaril­y have been the news they were hoping for.

Incidental­ly, nearly every query concerned the virus. Talk of Peppa

Pig and Tory sleaze had vanished in the wind. A handy break for the PM, what with the Old Bexley byelection tomorrow.

Earlier in the Commons, MPs held a debate on the new restrictio­ns. Vaccines minister Maggie Throup was charged with opening the debate on behalf of the Government. Whose bright idea was that?

Tossing little Throup out to fend for herself against the Tory backbench bully boys was akin to throwing a hunk of juicy

tenderloin in with a pack of ravenous hyenas.

By bully boys, I meant the socalled Covid Research Group (CRG) lot. The likes of Sir Desmond Swayne (New Forest W) and Steve Baker (Wycombe). They don’t like face masks, loathe restrictio­ns and, whisper it, don’t always necessaril­y play nice.

In Throup, they saw easy prey. Throughout her speech, they came at her hard, eyeing fresh carrion, demanding she stand aside while they intervened. ‘Will she give way? Will she give way? Will she give way?’ they yabbered.

So hostile were their contributi­ons, she began to give preferenti­al treatment to the Opposition benches. Unfortunat­ely for her, barely any had turned up.

Throup tried as best as she could to plough on in her lifeless monotone, but still her colleagues came for her, urging her to let them speak through a chorus of caterwauls.

‘I have already been very generous,’ she kept saying as she waved them away.

Poor Maggie. Her eyes swivelled, her mouth flapped gormlessly. A drowning swimmer gasping for air over the surf.

After 20 minutes, she finally managed to sit down – dazed and disorienta­ted. Nurse! A large brandy and smelling salts please for the minister, if you’d be so kind…

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 ?? ?? Motivation mode: Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid yesterday
Motivation mode: Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid yesterday
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