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Coleen Nolan: Why I’ll spend Xmas with my lover AND my ex

- By Emma Powell

COLEEN Nolan has revealed she will spend Christmas Day with her former husband – and her new mystery boyfriend. The Loose Women presenter, 56, will be joined by second husband Ray Fensome and her new man, who she has not named so far. Ex-pop singer Miss Nolan was married to musician Fensome for 11 years and they have a daughter Ciara, 20. She recently revealed she had been dating a man she met online five months ago and told Woman’s Own: ‘He’s lovely and he’s going to be spending Christmas with us. ‘He’s met all the kids and family and he’s met Ray – and everyone gets on. I can’t tell you his name because it’s early days and I just want to keep it to myself for now. ‘In a way it’s what I wasn’t getting from my marriage. He’s very like me – he’s romantic and tactile and we’ve got the same interests. It’s been great. My kids are all settled and now it would be lovely to think I could have someone for me for the rest of my life – and hopefully it’s him!’ Miss Nolan married guitarist Fensome, 63, in 2007, with the pair divorcing in 2018.

She told Woman’s Own: ‘I wasn’t lonely when Ciara, our daughter, was growing up because that was our common denominato­r and we just adored her. The problem was she was the glue that held us together. Ray and I have both realised that now and we are such good friends. In fact, he’ll be spending Christmas with us. I think we should always have been friends really.’

Miss Nolan, who was previously married to EastEnders actor Shane Richie, is among a string of celebritie­s who remain on good terms with exes while welcoming new partners into the fold.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay star Chris Martin ‘consciousl­y uncoupled’ in 2016 after 13 years together.

Martin went on to date actress Dakota Johnson while Miss Paltrow married producer Brad Falchuk in 2018. They were joined on their honeymoon in the Maldives by Martin and Miss Johnson.

Australian model Miranda Kerr recently told of the friendship she has formed with her actor ex Orlando Bloom’s fiancee, top US singer Katy Perry.

Meanwhile, Austin Powers actress and model Liz Hurley has famously maintained a strong friendship with her long-time love Hugh Grant despite their split 21 years ago.

 ?? ?? Before split: With Ray and Ciara
Before split: With Ray and Ciara

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