Daily Mail

The dragon’s claws


BRITAIN’S spy chief Richard Moore warns of the growing threat China poses to the world order.

Through their ‘belt and road’ strategy, the Chinese are advancing colossal loans to the developing world. Poorer countries benefit from new infrastruc­ture, but fall into a ‘debt trap’ which ties them to China economical­ly and politicall­y. In any dispute, they can be bullied into taking China’s side.

The Chinese are also investing massively in cyberwarfa­re. With many of their scientists educated here and familiar with our institutio­ns, we are clearly vulnerable.

China is and will remain a major trading partner. But its cynical manoeuvrin­gs show the naivety of those in Britain who, until recently, sought to allow it intimate access to some of our most sensitive industries. discipline,

■ FOR so long a model of financial

Germany’s soaring inflation rate is shocking. At an ominous 6 per cent, it is substantia­lly higher than ours. And being a member of the eurozone, Germany doesn’t have the power to drive it down by unilateral­ly raising interest rates. We’ll say it again: How lucky we are to be in charge of our own financial destiny!

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