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Secretary who took own life feared partner was cheating

27-year-old’s distraught boyfriend tells inquest: I loved her to bits

- By Chris Brooke

A LEGAL secretary who struggled with her self-esteem took her own life because she feared her boyfriend was straying.

Ella Emery, 27, hanged herself while her partner Jack Freeth was asleep after a night out with his friends, an inquest was told.

He had been to a local pub to celebrate a pal’s birthday but Miss Emery feared it was more than a boys’ night out and he might be chatting to women too, the inquest heard. That night she secretly used his phone during the early hours to text another woman while pretending to be him in order to try to confirm her suspicions.

Mr Freeth, a heating engineer, found Miss Emery hanged at 8am at the home they shared and desperatel­y tried to revive her.

Paramedics who arrived shortly afterwards found him in tears trying to give his girlfriend mouth-tomouth resuscitat­ion.

The inquest heard that the couple would argue about him going out because Miss Emery, who also worked as a part-time eyelash technician, wanted him to stay in at the home they bought together. But Mr Freeth, who was 24 at the time of her death in June 2019, said, despite his girlfriend’s fears, he wasn’t interested in other women and told the hearing: ‘I loved that girl to bits.’

The court heard he was initially arrested on suspicion of her murder by West yorkshire Police.

But he gave a detailed account of what had happened that night and after no evidence was found of a struggle at their home in Huddersfie­ld, West yorkshire, he was released.

The inquest at Bradford Coroner’s Court heard Miss Emery also worried about money and about caring for her grandparen­ts.

She had attempted suicide three years earlier over problems in a previous relationsh­ip. Assistant coroner Angela Brocklehur­st said: ‘She found herself in a relationsh­ip with an older man who tried to control her. She found the strength to leave him but began to doubt her self-worth.’

recording a conclusion that she took her own life, Mrs Brocklehur­st told the inquest: ‘Her sensitive emotional triggers were faithfulne­ss and loyalty. She became distressed by Jack’s going out with his friends leaving her behind.

‘That evening she interprete­d events that she thought she was being rejected. There was her clandestin­e use of Jack’s phone in the early hours. I am satisfied she couldn’t continue with her life despite the love and care of so many people around her.’

After Monday’s hearing Miss Emery’s mother Jane said: ‘It is easy for anyone to see Ella was the most beautiful young woman, but she was so much more.

‘She was the most considerat­e, loving and caring person. Her wit, sense of humour and vibrancy lit up any room she entered.’

For confidenti­al support, call the Samaritans on 116123, visit a local branch or go to samaritans.org

‘Began to doubt her self-worth’

 ?? ?? Worried: Ella Emery felt rejected
Worried: Ella Emery felt rejected

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