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Web’s postcode lottery: Loading films can take seconds... or DAYS

- By Jim Norton Technology Correspond­ent

BROADBAND speeds vary so much across the country that while it takes just 47 seconds to download a film in some areas, in others it takes 48 hours.

Research has laid bare the postcode lottery involved in how quick – or slow – the internet is in different places.

Wistaston Road near Crewe town centre had the slowest in the UK with an average speed of just 0.24MBps, according to the study by comparison site Uswitch.com. It would take homeowners there about two days to download a two-hour film. The fastest street was Haul Fryn, Birchgrove, north of Swansea, which clocked speeds of 882MBps – meaning it would take just 47 seconds for the same download.

Ernest Doku, from Uswitch, said: ‘It’s great to witness the increased uptake of ultrafast broadband, but we don’t want to see large swathes of the country left behind on shoddy connection­s.’

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