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BRITISH Gas sent me an email claiming I owe £43. I’ve been charged a further £13 to ‘cover the cost of contacting me again’ and the firm threatened to pass my details to a debt collection agency. I am 85, disabled and pay all my bills on time. I ignored the initial emails because I thought they were a scam.

B. S., via email. THE energy giant says you mistakenly underpaid your September bill. You have since paid what is owed and late charges have been cancelled. British Gas has credited your account with £30 as goodwill. I BOUGHT four tickets for a Michael Buble concert in July 2020 which was cancelled. It’s been nearly two years since I first purchased the ticket and I have not been able to secure a refund from Ticketmast­er. This is despite receiving 28 emails claiming it would be made in ‘three to five working days’. L. R., via email.

TICKETMAST­ER says the bank details you had provided were incorrect. These were updated and you have now been refunded. MY FAMILY and I recently stayed in a Jurys Inn hotel in Hinckley Island. We had several issues including being given a 12pm checkout time, despite the firm advertisin­g 2pm on its website. When we complained we were offered a £253 refund but received less than half of this.

A. M., London. JURYS Inn says there was some confusion as the two nights you stayed were booked separately. A spokesman apologises and will refund the outstandin­g amount.

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