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STEPHEN HAWKING said, back in 2014, ‘Success in creating artificial intelligen­ce (AI) would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunat­ely, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.’ In the first of this year’s REITH LECTURES (RADIO 4, 9AM), recorded at The Alan Turing Institute, computer boffin and AI expert Professor Stuart Russell (pictured) looks at ways humanity and artificial intelligen­ce can coexist successful­ly.

MIKE SCOTT, the singer and founding member of that fluid band The Waterboys, is the master of many an instrument, including the bouzouki. He joins Mark Radcliffe on THE FOLK SHOW (RADIO 2, 9PM) to talk about The Magnificen­t Seven, a new book and box set telling the story of the making of

the album Room To Roam; photograph­s, maps, lyrics, manuscript­s and archive material are included.

■ IT’S a fine idea to start planting trees all over the place to fight climate change, but it would be an even better idea to look after the trees we’ve already got. The woods and forests of Britain are places of great beauty and a boon to the environmen­t, but they could be a lot healthier. For this week’s COSTING THE EARTH (RADIO 4, 9PM), Peter Gibbs hears what’s ailing our trees and how we can make them better.

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