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Swift action


THe last time the Government acted too slowly in closing our borders to the Delta variant of covid.

This time it’s acted correctly by closing the borders immediatel­y to flights from southern africa where the Omicron variant originated.

This has inconvenie­nced a few people but, frankly, that’s tough. The main thing is that this action has protected the whole country.

after the Government got so many things wrong at the start of the pandemic, it’s learned a lesson.

BARRY DAVIES, Chorley, Lancs. MY FaMILY have never stopped wearing masks, even when young people look at us as if we are from another planet.

The Prime Minister is right; we will have to learn to live with coronaviru­s. as well as making masks mandatory again, we need a return to supermarke­t one-way systems.

DAVID HUGHES, Bamber Bridge, Lancs.

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