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I’ve made fitness part of everyday life


I WaS interested to read Richard eden’s report about Sir Ranulph Fiennes keeping fit at the age of 77 with squats twice a day and 25 press-ups at a time. I am almost the same age and, like the great explorer, have spent time in the arctic. I have four Guinness world records and am planning an expedition to the South Pole, so need to maintain my fitness. I have glaucoma, so have to put drops in my eyes daily and keep my eyelids shut for two minutes. That’s enough time to do 120 squats. I use a kettlebell to work out while waiting for the kettle to boil. This is on top of gym sessions twice a week with a personal trainer and pulling tyres on the beach. It seems 77 is definitely just a number!

JAN MEEK, Bexhill-on-Sea, E. Sussex.

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Workout: Jan Meek

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