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Priti’s hands are tied


I CAN’T help but pity Priti Patel in her efforts to stem the channelcro­ssing migrant crisis when her powers are constraine­d by circumstan­ces beyond her control.

Under internatio­nal agreement, the Uk is bound to accept genuine refugees escaping from desperate circumstan­ces in other parts of the world. Determinin­g whether people are refugees or economic migrants can be an almost impossible task.

The channel, once the first line of defence for Britain, has proved no deterrent to desperate migrants and people smugglers.

The fact that vastly overcrowde­d inflatable dinghies fail to meet internatio­nal maritime safety regulation­s doesn’t seem to be an issue for the French coastguard.

It doesn’t appear the tragic loss of 27 lives has prompted President Macron to do much more than complain about fishing licences.

C. SIMPSON, Wokingham, Berks.

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