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Is background music drowning out TV shows?


I WHOLEHEART­EDLY agree that background music and noise are swamping the dialogue on TV (Letters). I have been watching the excellent Professor Brian Cox’s BBC2 series Universe, but his words are constantly drowned out by dramatic music to emphasise the enormity of the galaxies. Having to adjust the TV remote control constantly is annoying.

TONY ANDREWS, Stamford, Lincs. BACKGROUND noise in TV documentar­ies and drama wouldn’t be so bad if it were real orchestral music, but it’s usually computer generated, repetitive sounds. That really does violate my ears.

SUSAN BURMAN, Northampto­n.

I FIND it hard to hear actors due to appalling noise or music blaring away. Even the traffic informatio­n on the radio has music playing. How many viewers and listeners want all this unnecessar­y noise?

NEALE DIDCOCK, Neston, Cheshire. MUSICIANS have taken over the TV stations, judging by the needless, tuneless noises they impose on us as we struggle to hear what’s being said by presenters. Some shows benefit from the emphasis music can bring, but commentary is not one of them. Nature, wildlife, antique and history programmes are dominated by irrelevant plinkyplon­k. Don’t sack the musicians, but please put them back in their place.

GRAHAM PETTY, Winchester, Hants. CAN someone tell TV producers we are no longer in the silent movie era when music and subtitles were necessary. Nature documentar­ies are being ruined by background music. Sir David Attenborou­gh’s commentari­es are going unheard.


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