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The King should pay tax on inheritanc­e, say 2 in 3


NEARLY two-thirds of the public believe the King should pay tax on his private inheritanc­e, a poll has found.

The Queen agreed to pay income and capital gains tax in 1993 – but ‘sovereign-to-sovereign bequests’ are exempt from inheritanc­e tax.

Her Majesty’s personal wealth was estimated at £370million, which would make the King liable for an inheritanc­e tax bill – usually charged at 40 per cent above a £325,000 threshold – of £148million. Now a survey by YouGov has found 63 per cent of the public believe he should pay inheritanc­e tax.

In the poll, commission­ed by campaign group Tax Justice UK, 16 per cent said the King should not pay inheritanc­e tax, while 21 per cent did not know.

The monarch’s overall wealth is estimated to be around £24billion, including property such as Buckingham Palace which belongs to him only in an official capacity.

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