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Sarah killer’s Met colleagues face jail for vile messages

- By Rebecca Camber Crime and Security Editor

TWO Scotland Yard officers who shared sickening WhatsApp messages with Wayne Couzens about raping women before he killed Sarah Everard were told yesterday they faced jail.

Firearms officers Jonathon Cobban, 35, and ex-PC Joel Borders, 45, swapped ‘grossly offensive’ sexist, misogynist­ic and racist messages about tasering children and animals and shooting people with Down’s syndrome.

They were in a chat group with Couzens, the ex-parliament­ary and diplomatic protection officer who was jailed for life last year for the kidnap, rape and murder of Miss Everard, 33, in March 2021.

The messages – exchanged between April and August 2019 – were only uncovered when Couzens was arrested six days after the murder. His phone was examined, revealing discussion­s about raping and beating a female officer, sexually assaulting domestic abuse victims and racist comments about areas of London.

During the case it emerged that Cobban had been a ‘race and diversity custodian’ for Civil Nuclear Constabula­ry before he joined Scotland Yard. In the messages, Cobban described his duties as ‘p***y patrol’ and said parts of London resembled ‘a Dulux colour code’.

District Judge Sarah Turnock told the officers yesterday: ‘These offences, make no mistake about it, are extremely serious. You both face a very real prospect of going to prison.’ In one exchange Borders said he wanted to be a firearms officer to shoot people, including those with Down’s syndrome, adding: ‘I can’t wait to get on guns so I can shoot some c*** in the face.’

Cobban replied: ‘Me too. I want to Taser a cat and a dog to see which reacts better.

‘I think the cat will get more p***** off and the dog will s*** it. I wanna test this theory. Same with children. Zap zap you little f******.’

Elsewhere in the WhatsApp group – called ‘Bottle and Stoppers/Atkin’s Puppets’ – Borders discussed raping a female colleague, saying: ‘She will use me as an example. Lead me on, then get me locked up when I rape and beat her! Sneaky b****.’

Judge Turnock said the message was ‘both misogynist­ic and aggressive... and a clear example of victim blaming’. Other posts joked about the prospect of leaving Muslims to die in a terror bombing and talked about the officers feeling like a ‘spot on a domino’ in ‘ filthy’ racially diverse areas of London.

Like Couzens, who joined Scotland Yard in 2019, both officers were formerly in the Civil Nuclear Constabula­ry before transferri­ng to the Met in February 2019.

They claimed the messages were jokes. But Borders, of Preston, Lancashire, was convicted yesterday of five counts of sending offensive matter on a public communicat­ion network. Cobban, of Didcot, Oxfordshir­e, was found guilty of three similar counts, but cleared of two others, and was convicted of sending a homophobic message about a man who had attempted suicide, complainin­g he had been assigned as a ‘hospital guard for some attention seeking self-harming f**’.

They will be sentenced at City of London Magistrate­s’ Court on November 2.

A third officer in the chat group, William Neville, 34, was acquitted.

Met Commander Jon Savell said the pair now faced misconduct hearings, adding: ‘The behaviour of these officers is despicable.’

 ?? ?? Murderer: Wayne Couzens
Murderer: Wayne Couzens
 ?? ?? Guilty: Jonathan Cobban
Guilty: Jonathan Cobban

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