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- ROBERT READMAN, Bournemout­h.

LEARNING that King Tupou VI of Tonga was among heads of state attending the Queen’s funeral reminded me of when, aged 12, I watched grainy black and white images of the Queen’s Coronation on a tiny TV screen.

His grandmothe­r, the majestic 6ft 3in Queen salote Tupou III, shared her horse- drawn carriage in the procession with the comparativ­ely diminutive sultan of Kelantan ( whom Noel Coward is said to have laughingly called ‘her lunch’).

Even though it was pouring with rain, she refused to allow attendants to put up the carriage roof so as not to disappoint the crowds, who responded by taking her instantly to their hearts.

I’ve often pondered whether the rainsodden sultan was terribly happy with the decision of his fellow passenger.

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Popular: Queen Salote

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