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Small glitch when I was getting hitched

- Michael Morgan, ex R.A.S.C. NCO, Northaller­ton, North Yorks.

TOWARDS the end of my military training, we were told we were likely to be posted to Cyprus on completion. Coincident­ally, at around the same time I’d asked for permission to get married, which had been granted by the C.o.

I proceeded on seven days’ compassion­ate leave and we were married in Manchester on saturday, december 20, 1956. The next day I received a telegram telling me to return to barracks immediatel­y for embarkatio­n! as we were not at war I was not too pleased with this news, and nor was my new bride. I resolved to go to the royal Military Police depot some miles away. once there, I was marched into the adjutant’s office. after I explained the problem and showed him my leave pass, he decided it should be honoured. He told me to continue my leave and he would square it with my commanding officer. well done to the military police!

I arrived back in camp in uniform and reported to the company office. It was open but deserted, as most of the battalion were on Christmas leave. while I stood there wondering what to do, the sgt Major rushed in. He didn’t know me from adam, but ordered me to look after the office — but to come and get him if ‘that bloody Private Morgan’ turned up! The C.s.M. stormed out, obviously none too pleased that I had spoiled his Cyprus draft.

I noticed a travel warrant on his desk made out to my good self. so, throwing caution to the wind, I grabbed it, rushed to get all my kit out of the stores, legged it to aldershot station and caught the next train to the transit depot in Bordon. Nothing was ever said and, although I could have still joined my Cyprus draft, I never went. recognisin­g initiative and cunning, they took me on the permanent staff there. Bordon should have been named Boredom, though; punishment deserved!

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