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Horrible hero


I was interested to read the extracts from Ben Macintyre’s book about Colditz (Mail).

When I was a teenager and a young man in the 1950s and 1960s, I knew three people who had met the legless flying ace douglas Bader. one was an elderly widow, the others senior NCOS in the military.

All three said he was the nastiest piece of work they had ever met. I suspect his reputation as a ‘jolly good chap’ came about because he was played by Kenneth More in the biopic reach For The sky, and More tended to play ‘jolly good chaps’.

BRIAN MOONEY, Walmer, Kent.

THE letter in Tuesday’s Mail about the difficulti­es of being left-handed struck a chord.

During World War II, I attended the kindergart­en class of a North London school. I was naturally lefthanded but the teachers tried to force me to use my right hand when writing. One, Sister Patrick, used to hit me on the knuckles if I wrote with my left hand. Finally, she warned me: ‘God doesn’t love left-handed children’. GORDON MORRIS,

Southwick, Wilts.

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