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A Queen there was,

revered, of global fame — Elizabeth the Second was

her name.

For three-score-years-andten she ruled the roost And gave us Brits a selfassuri­ng boost Through walkabouts and

bric-a-brac that bore Her likeness. She was loved

by rich and poor

Who visited each town and

rural place

Her palaces and castles

took up space.

Her Silver, Gold and

Diamond Jubilees Were past, as were those

days we ruled the seas. Her reign had overseen an

Empire’s fall,

Yet she remained a

constant to us all. Upon her final,

Platinum Jubilee,

We rallied to her

gracious Majesty,

And while the world

around grew ever strange, Her strength of presence steadied us for change.

Paul A. Freeman, Abu Dhabi.

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