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Rift with Sussexes: can it ever be healed?


AS A very senior citizen (born in 1943), I was deeply affected by the Queen’s passing, but I feel that any moves towards reconcilia­tion with Harry and Meghan should be handled very carefully. These two have treated the UK with disdain. If they want to rejoin us, they must make the apologies. JENNY HARRISON-SMITH,

Peterborou­gh, Cambs. WILL someone please tell Meghan she doesn’t always need to hold Harry’s hand when they’re out. He’s old enough now not to get lost.

SANDRA BARNES, address supplied. WHAT a stupid decision it was to disinvite Harry and Meghan from the state reception before the funeral. Meghan’s deep curtsy at Westminste­r Hall made up for so much, and the two brothers together in uniform was at last how it should be. Let’s not spoil the chance of a reconcilia­tion.

ALAN KIPPS, Benfleet, Essex. KING CHARLES is setting a wonderful example in the love and forgivenes­s he has shown Harry and Meghan since the Queen’s death. Hopefully, the Sussexes will come to understand how hurt people felt on the Royal Family’s behalf after their Oprah Winfrey interview, and desist from further mudslingin­g.

J. GREEN, Burton upon Trent, Staffs. MEGHAN knows that by holding hands with Harry, she becomes the centre of attention. She always has to be the star attraction.

J. HULL, Worthing, W. Sussex. CAN Meghan now take a leaf from her own mother’s book and keep her thoughts to herself?

L. CARTER, Harrogate, N. Yorks.

I DO hope the Duchess of Sussex now ‘gets’ the Royal Family. The British public are very protective of them, as the outpouring of affection shown this past week made abundantly clear.

SALLY FISHER, Saffron Walden, Essex. WHY are Harry and Meghan being criticised for showing support and comfort to each other on such a solemn occasion? What more do the critics want from them?


Uxbridge, Ontario. THE row over Harry’s uniform EIIR initials being removed, while militarily correct, was something the Palace should have avoided by permitting him to wear them on the day. However, Harry will no doubt include this snub in his forthcomin­g book.

JAMES WIGNALL, Accrington, Lancs. IT WAS a mistake to allow Harry to wear the uniform of the Blues and Royals to the vigil, especially as the Queen was their colonel-in-chief.

JOHN SAVAGE, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. BOTH Harry and Andrew served this country in military conflicts, which I have no doubt the Queen was very proud of. Regardless of what they may have done since, compassion and recognitio­n of their service should have meant them being allowed to wear appropriat­e uniforms.

PETER R. FAULKNER, Lincoln. IF HARRY was so upset about his uniform insignia, he should have considered the implicatio­ns more closely before giving up his position as a working Royal.

JUDY HOWSAM, Skegness, Lincs. MEGHAN looked out of her depth and awkward last week, which is why she locked hands with Harry. They should think long and hard about allowing their book to be published.

B. McCRINDLE, Cumnock, Ayrshire. MIGHT Meghan’s experience­s in the past few days have taught her the difference between duty and celebrity?

D. WILLIAMS, Colchester, Essex. AT THE funeral itself, for once the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t hold hands. It’s a wonder neither of them fell down or ran away.

AMANDA YATES, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

 ?? ?? In mourning: Harry and Meghan
In mourning: Harry and Meghan

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