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■ NEW banknotes bearing the image of King Charles III should be printed on elastic to make the money stretch further.

DAVID KIRKWOOD, Aspatria, Cumbria.

■ DISRESPECT the prophet Mohammed and it’s a hate crime. Be abusive about the Queen, who was head of the Church of England, and you are exercising your right to protest.

R. HARRIS, London SE9.

■ WHY not ‘Elizabeth the Loved’?

CHRISTINE SYMCOX, Rotherham, S. Yorks.

■ KENNETH BRANAGH as Boris Johnson in a new Sky TV drama? I’d say he looks more like Stanley Johnson.

GUY VARLEY, Edlesborou­gh, Bucks.

■ THOSE stewards who confiscate­d caramel sweets from queueing mourners sound like real jobswerthe­rs.

P. HARVEY, Bristol.

■ WERE the death and funeral of the Queen reported in Russia and North Korea?

EDDIE PEART, Rotherham, S. Yorks.

■ WITH the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we have lost our North Star.

M.E. CHAPPELL, Saltash, Cornwall.

■ I FIND solace in the expression: ‘Say not in grief that she is no more, but in thankfulne­ss that she was.’

STELLA REEVES, Eckington, Worcs.

■ WHAT arrangemen­ts were made to cover the Queen’s coffin in the event of heavy rain? BRIAN SMITH, Kings Langley, Herts.

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