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Warm compress soothes dry eyes


DRY eye disease affects up to 70 per cent of us at some point. Glands in our eyelids should produce a thin oil that keeps them moist. But this can thicken to a buttery consistenc­y. Regular use of a warm eyelid compress, along with gentle massage, has been shown to be an effective way to relieve dry eye disease. Library worker Jacky Mulley (right), 63, says she has suffered with dry eye disease for years. ‘My eyes can water continuous­ly, especially when reading or watching TV. It looks as if I have been crying, which can be embarrassi­ng at work. ‘My optician tells me that you blink less when your eyes are focused on something, which makes them water. ‘When they are not watering, the irritation is so frustratin­g. I feel my eyes scratching on my eyelids as I blink.’

But regular use of a warm eye compress sold in Boots and recommende­d by TV’s Dr Hilary Jones has really helped her.

‘After years of trying eye drops, at last I have found something I feel has changed my life, relieving symptoms and treating the underlying condition. My confidence is back after so long when my eyes were red and inflamed. I will continue to use this product forever!’ She uses the compress every evening, popping it in the microwave for 25 to 30 seconds.

It then delivers around ten minutes of soothing heat — long enough to melt the buttery oil and unblock glands so that healthy oil can be produced.

The cover is washable and each compress lasts for a year.

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