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JD SPORTS faced a backlash over an ‘extraordin­arily generous’ £6.4m deal for former boss Peter Cowgill.

The sportswear retailer will pay him £2m over the next three years to advise chief executive Regis Schultz and chairman Andy Higginson.

He will get a further £3.5m to not work for a rival for two years. And the 69-year-old will be paid a £906,000 salary for his year-long notice period, taking the total to £6.4m.

The agreement comes four months after Cowgill was ousted after 18 years in charge. In that time, he was paid more than £40m. He left after a series of corporate governance scandals, including a £4.3m fine from the competitio­n watchdog.

Independen­t analyst Richard Hyman said: ‘In the circumstan­ces it seems extraordin­arily generous.’ High Pay Centre director Luke Hildyard said: ‘The board, who have worked closely with Cowgill, can hardly be considered independen­t on the matter’.

Higginson said Cowgill was key to JD’s ‘incredible success’ and said he did not want to lose such ‘hugely valuable’ experience.

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