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Bond star ready for a fight-- over his trees!


AS JAMES BOND star Daniel Craig knows only too well, there is always a sequel. And now I hear that he and his Oscar- winning wife, rachel Weisz, could be facing a new battle with neighbours over plans to cut back troublesom­e trees at their £6 million North London townhouse.

Five years ago, the couple won a battle to keep a 65ft London plane in their garden after locals complained that its roots were damaging their home.

The neighbours applied to chop down the tree, believing it to be causing serious subsidence. But it was saved from the axe after Craig, 54, and Weisz, 52 (pictured), star of The Constant gardener, offered to cut it back instead.

Planners at Camden Council blamed a sewer pipe for cracks next door.

Now, the actors, who married in 2011, have applied to the council to carry out further tree works, lopping it back by 13ft. They also want to trim another London plane and a pear tree covered in ivy.

They need consent because the trees are protected by a Tree Preservati­on Order in a designated conservati­on area. Planning agent Stephanie radziwillo­wicz said: ‘ This previously reduced tree, overhangin­g several gardens, is in need of maintenanc­e to slow root expansion and improve light.’

Officials at Camden Council are expected to make a decision later this month.

In 2017, bankers Alasdair Nisbet and his wife, elizabeth, said their Victorian terrace home had been left riddled with cracks because of the roots from the thespian couple’s trees.

The Nisbets supplied reports from experts who put the blame for their subsidence issues firmly on the roots. however, at the time, other neighbours said the trees were ‘aesthetica­lly beautiful’ and that their removal would be ‘ like losing a limb’. A spokesman for Craig declined to comment.

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