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Was Met chief’s MenoVest a‘woke’stunt too far?


IF MET Assistant Commission­er Matt Jukes thinks posing in a heated jacket helps him feel what life is like for menopausal women (Mail), perhaps dumping his favourite possession­s in the bin would help him feel the distress suffered by victims of burglaries, which often go unsolved through police indifferen­ce.

ALAN DYSON, Folkestone, Kent. WILL the ‘heightened awareness’ of extreme discomfort, distractio­n, reduced ability to concentrat­e and mood swings experience­d by Matt Jukes wearing the MenoVest lead him to the conclusion that some police roles — such as driving a high-powered response car — might be inappropri­ate or even dangerous for menopausal women? Just asking.

FRED McMANUS, Paisley, Renfrewshi­re.

I DOUBT any man whose female partner has gone through the menopause needs educating about its effect. The fact that the Met has a HeForShe Gender Equality Lead must surely strike fear into the marrow of London’s criminals.

DES MORGAN, Swindon, Wilts. I WOULD gladly wear a MenoVest to experience hot flushes if Diane Danzebrink, the founder of

Menopause Support, shaves the top of her head. Baldness is for life.

TONY STRAFFORD, Andover, Hants. ARE the police competing with the BBC for who can wind us up most?

P. WRIGHT, Datchet, Berks. I WAS in the police for more than 30 years and came across one or two stupid senior officers. But this stunt by a Met Assistant Commission­er has taken stupidity to another level.

BARRY SMITH, Prestatyn, Denbighs. PLEASE can I have Matt Jukes’s MenoVest when he’s finished with it? It would be great for keeping warm this winter.

ELAINE HAWKINS, High Peak, Derbys.

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