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Could your existing equity release plan hold the key to accessing more tax-free cash?

Find out if you could access more tax-free cash from your home


The number of people taking out equity release plans over the past five years has grown; this includes existing equity release customers who may be looking to access more money or switch plans.

For those people who have an existing equity release plan, they may think that they have exhausted the option of accessing tax-free cash from their home – but they haven’t.

What is a further advance?

Most lifetime mortgages come with the option to access more money at a later date. However, this won’t be available to everyone as it depends on who your current lender is, the size of your original loan and the value of your home.

A further advance enables homeowners who already have a lifetime mortgage to potentiall­y release more tax-free money from their home without the upheaval of changing plans or lenders.

Whether your original plan was arranged through the Mail Finance equity release service or any other company, we will review your plan – with no obligation – to see if accessing more tax-free cash is an option for you.

Spending the tax-free money

Through our service, a specialist team of fully qualified advisers will review your plan free of charge and will chat through your individual requiremen­ts before making a recommenda­tion.

Homeowners with equity release plans are currently accessing more money to spend on things such as home improvemen­ts, easing the pressure caused by the cost of living and supporting their family with a financial gift.

Call us free today to find out more, on 0808 258 3815.

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