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7 ____ Moffatt, ex-ballroom dancer who won I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2016 (8)

9 Tom, fictional detective inspector created by English writer Mark Billingham (6)

10 A ____ in one’s throat, expression meaning ‘hoarseness of speech’ (4) 11 Confederat­e general in the American Civil War nicknamed King of Spades (6,1,3)

12 Yiddish word for a person

of honour and integrity (6) 14 To settle a person in

a comfortabl­e or safe place (8)

15 A follower of the beliefs

created by U.S. author L. Ron Hubbard (13)

17 Making something weaker

in force or content (8)

19 ____ Parade, 1948 film starring Judy Garland set to the songs of Irving Berlin (6)

21 Song by Jimi Hendrix

released in 1967 (6,4)

22 To remove an opponent’s piece in draughts as a forfeit for deliberate­ly not taking a piece (4)

23 An older woman who acts as a governess or companion in charge of girls (6)

24 ____ Hunt, horse racing

over jumps (8)


1 Gerald, English cartoonist who provided the opening titles for the TV sitcom

Yes Minister (6)

2 ____ and drop, a method of moving computer files or images from one place to another (4)

3 To become less convincing

or acceptable (4,4)

4 Marked changes of direction in policy by parties or politician­s (1-5)

5 Short amateur films to preserve a visual record of family activities or holidays (4,6)

6 To offer goods or services at a lower price than a competitor (8)

8 Flat-topped peak that overlooks Cape Town in South Africa (5,8)

13 Winter sport that has normal and large hill components (3,7)

15 ____ package, a set of actions by a government that is intended to encourage economic growth (8)

16 The Merry Widow by composer Franz Lehar is an example of one (8)

18 The ____, nickname of Welsh

darts player Gerwyn Price (6) 20 Jenna, U.S. actress who played the first title character in sitcom Dharma & Greg (6) 22 Peter, English bassist and cofounder of rock bands Joy Division and New Order (4)


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