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Kate Moss’s stalker killed parents after f leeing mental ward

- By Andy Dolan

‘I am really going to enjoy this’

A PARANOID schizophre­nic given a restrainin­g order for harassing kate Moss killed his parents after fleeing from a psychiatri­c hospital – telling police later he ‘had a job to do’.

William Warrington believed he was in telepathic communicat­ion with the supermodel and Vladimir Putin and that the Government had ordered him to kill his divorced parents, Valerie, 73, and Clive, 67.

While he was in hospital his family sent 11 emails expressing fears about him. In one the day before the killings his mother said: ‘I am afraid for the safety of myself, my other children and any others he comes into contact with.’

Warrington, 42, left a secure courtyard at Wotton lawn Hospital in Gloucester and simply walked out of the front door, Bristol Crown Court heard.

It was over two hours later before staff realised he was missing and called police.

He was due to go on trial yesterday charged with murder, but instead the cocaine and cannabis user admitted the manslaught­er of his parents on March 2 by reason of diminished responsibi­lity.

He was ordered to be detained indefinite­ly at Broadmoor secure psychiatri­c hospital for what a judge described as ‘planned assassinat­ions’. His siblings told the court: ‘When he lost his mind we lost our brother – and then, the ultimate tragedy, we lost our mother and father.’

In the years leading up to the killings, Warrington, then living with his mother, assaulted her and began sending his parents ‘extremely aggressive’ messages.

In December 2020, she moved him into a multi-occupancy property she owned in Cheltenham. On February 17 this year, two weeks before killing his parents, he attacked a housemate with a knife and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

He had a previous conviction for criminal damage, and in 2018 was arrested on suspicion of harassment, the court heard.

The following year he was given a restrainin­g order to stop him from contacting Miss Moss after he left a Second World

War helmet, a bottle of champagne and a Phantom of the Opera mask at her home.

On the day of the killings, Warrington took a taxi from Wotton lawn Hospital to Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucester­shire, where his mother lived.

He stabbed her and dragged her body outside, kicking her in the head to ‘make sure she was dead’. He then slept before leaving in her car – driving over her as he did so – for his father’s address in Cheltenham.

Neighbours of Mr Warrington were woken by banging shortly after 6am. ‘They heard Clive Warrington pleading for help and asking, “Why are you doing this?”,’ said Anna Vigars KC, prosecutin­g. ‘While they were making the call they heard the other man saying, “I am really going to enjoy this”.’ Police later arrested blood-spattered Warrington walking nearby.

Gloucester­shire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Wotton lawn Hospital, said: ‘As well as supporting Gloucester­shire Police with their inquiry, we are undertakin­g our own investigat­ion.’

 ?? ?? Harassed: Stalking victim Kate Moss
Harassed: Stalking victim Kate Moss
 ?? ?? Stabbed: His parents Valerie and Clive
Stabbed: His parents Valerie and Clive
 ?? ?? Police mugshot: William Warrington
Police mugshot: William Warrington

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