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PLAY our accumulato­r game! Every day this week, solve the crossword to find the letter in the pink circle. On Friday, we’ll provide instructio­ns to submit your five-letter word for your chance to win a luxury Cross pen. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply. Entries cost 50p.


8 Crystallin­e form of carbon also called plumbago or black lead (8)

9 Nocturnal, spotted wild cat that lives in the rainforest­s of Central and South America (6)

10 ____ In The Sky, song by Norman Greenbaum first released in 1969 (6)

11 This and a bowler hat were trademarks of agent John Steed in The Avengers (8)

12 ____ Ashkenazy, Russian pianist and conductor born in 1937 (8)

13 British photograph­er and director born in 1966, noted for his fashion and portrait work (6)

14 Tori, U.S. singer-songwriter whose sole UK No. 1 hit was Profession­al Widow in 1997 (4)

16 Stanley, actor whose memoir Taste: My Life Through Food was published in 2021 (5)

17 Isle of ____, peninsula in east London that includes Canary Wharf (4)

18 A slender stick of wood or metal used for holding pieces of food together during cooking (6)

20 To contravene the terms of a law, agreement or the like (8)

23 Paul Thomas, director whose films include Phantom Thread and Licorice Pizza (8)

24 Walking as opposed to using a form of transport (2,4)

25 City where Marco Polo was born (6)

26 Expression meaning ‘overdrawn at the bank’ (2,3,3)


1 To drive or push something forwards (6)

2 Greek archipelag­o in the Aegean Sea that includes Skiathos and Skyros (8)

3 A short statement that expresses a general truth (6)

4 A dish comprising remnants of former meals (12,3)

5 Vince, U.S. football coach who led the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s (8)

6 ____ Bridge, motorway suspension bridge between England and Wales (6)

7 Ellie, English singersong­writer noted for her 2015 power ballad Love Me Like You Do (8)

15 ____ Morganfiel­d, a.k.a. the blues musician Muddy Waters, who shared a name with a U.S. president (8)

16 A small rocket engine used as a booster rocket (8)

17 A device for passing a fluid slowly into a vein of the body (4-4)

19 A small beetle with an elongated snout (6)

21 The leading edges of advancing masses of air in meteorolog­y (6)

22 Retief, South African golfer who won the U.S. Open in 2001 and 2004 (6)


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