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Should we applaud Suella’s migrant deal?


BRITAIN’S new £63 million deal with France to tackle the migrant crisis should be welcomed by everyone. There are individual­s in those boats, mainly Albanians, who have no justified reason whatever for coming to Britain.

stefan BadHam, Portsmouth. IF WE had the ability to return migrants to France within 48 hours of their arrival, our problem would be solved. But the French won’t agree to this and the new arrangemen­ts are just another sticking plaster being applied, at our expense. There is a continued refusal to get to the heart of the matter. Come on, Suella. Are you prepared to stand up for Britain?

BiLL BriGGs, Great dunmow, essex. THERE would be a ‘silver bullet’ solution if President Macron agreed to asylum-seekers being returned on designated ferries.

roGer BirtwistLe, Gorleston-on-sea, norfolk. SUELLA BRAVERMAN signed an agreement with France to do what exactly? What they were supposed to be doing already!

Gina sCottinG, Lancing, w. sussex. NICE timing by the French. Of course, numbers will go down now winter is here and the deal will look worth it. But in spring, crossings will resume and we will be coughing up more money.

ron Crowe, Hornchurch, east London. ON TUESDAY, the Government was trumpeting its shiny new agreement with France (Mail), yet an article showed how our Border Force is co-operating with the French to collect migrants in mid-Channel and transport them here, where their hotel rooms, meals and spending money await. Clearly our Government thinks we are stupid.

david Lower, marden, Kent.

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